Join Roger and Kim as they share their adventure owning an older model class A RV. General maintenance, renovation, upgrades, and stylizing to give new life to an amazing rig with good bones but in need of TLC.

Our goal is to save our money for our adventures. We do almost all of the work ourselves and are not afraid to try things that fail because that is how you learn.

After years of renovating old Victorian homes we have learned that sometimes older structures and in this case older motorhomes, are built better and have so much more to offer if you only are willing to take the time to do the work to refresh and refurbish and really make it your own. We purchased a 1999 Tiffin allegro bus with a great motor. The interior had no updates and was very tired looking. Let’s face it, the upholstery that is usually selected for the interior of motorhomes needs to always come out. The window treatments that are so popular or flimsy cornices that also have the same terrible upholstery material on them. We opted to upgrade and refine but we’re making sure that we do everything with the intention of having most of our resources, time and money ultimately going to the life we want to live rather than paying for the vehicle we live out of. The cost of new RVs is outrageous and the cost of having people work on yours is also out rages. So we have learned to do much of it ourselves and here we hope to share some ideas with you.

Where we started:

We purchased a two owner 1999 Tiffin Allegro bus with 30k miles from a local seller. Diesel engines are meant to last a long time and this one had been fairly well maintained.

Purchase price: $23,000

Let’s adventure together!

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